Take control of your financial future

How it works

Have you ever bought something that later turns out to be a purchase that you really can not afford? This application helps to see a more accurate amount available for purchase to avoid unnecessary debts.

Wanting to buy something, we tend to greatly exaggerate our financial ability, making a somewhat wrong approach to assessing. Often current balance is taken into account as main criterion, and this amount can be very promising, but that's why the "acquisition we cannot afford" appears.

In fact, the funds available for purchase are not the current balance, but the future remainder less charges is the value you need. Select a period when you expect to cover the cost of the purchase and the amount in the end of the period is the funds really available for you today.

For example, having a regular salary and evaluating a small purchase it is convenient to choose the next salary date as a target date. Deduct the expenses expected for this period and you will see a much more realistic amount of waste. For more expensive purchase you may need to take into account a period of several months or years.

You can do it on paper. And this application does not offer anything revolutionary, but it simplifies the work so much that makes it really possible. Because in fact, if you ever tried to plan a personal budget on paper, then you know that this is practically impossible. Despite of the very simple operations, even a small dynamics of changes makes paper work unreasonably complex.

Let's take a look at the screenshot below. Suppose we are faced with the question of whether we can acquire a certain thing for 7,000 today having 30,000 in the pocket (Current balance is 30,000 on the screenshot). From the screenshot we can see that, considering the April's income and expenses by the pay day in May, our balance is expected to be around 33,000 (Expected balance on "Pay day May" on the screenshot). That is just 3,000 higher than today, which means that we definitely cannot spend 7,000 so far. However, we see that the balance increases by 3,000 every month, and that means we can thrift let's say 2,000 monthly to purchase this item later.

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